Executive Team

David Plink, CEO

David has focused during his career on helping people making informed career decisions. He has worked in recruitment advertising and for various leading online and print recruitment media. Furthermore he has gained market research experience with AC Nielsen US. David holds a MBA from Berkeley and a Master from the University of Leiden. As the CEO, David is responsible for the general management within the Top Employers Institute.

Hans Rothweiler, Member of the Board

Hans is responsible for Certification, Research and Innovation. He has a long background in change management, HR research and business development. Hans has a Master degree at Erasmus University of Rotterdam.

Robert Schaefer, Member of the Board

Robert has operational responsibility for various Top Employers’ operations across Europe, Asia and Latin-America. Robert joined the Top Employers Institute in 2003 and contributes with his large experience in business development of HR related services and in intercultural management. Between travelling the continents, Robert is based in Germany.


+ 34 961 154 171 espana@top-employers.com


“As a globally respected organisation, the Top Employers Institute plays an important role in giving us external validation of our efforts, based on metrics and criteria developed by specialists in the field.”

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