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Only the world’s leading employers are certified as Top Employers. This exclusive recognition demonstrates that an organisation is a trusted employer of choice – especially beneficial for all stakeholders and its present and prospective employees. Becoming certified provides companies with the opportunity to celebrate this achievement and to reinforce the positive role of the HR environment in the business.

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How to join

Not all organisations are eligible to qualify as a certified Top Employer. The entire certification process must be completed successfully, including an external validation and audit. Prior to participation in the certification programme, entry criteria apply.

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Having a recognition like this is really a strong message to our own people that we are doing the right things and investing in their learning programs, their career development and the broader experiences.

Ajen Sita, CEO, Ernst & Young

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Regional Certifications

Many certified Top Employers are active globally. For these multinational organisations, the Top Employers Institute also implements regional certifications. Organisations that successfully achieve regional certification can truly consider themselves at the top of an exclusive group of the world’s best employers.

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